Hats-off To Allu Arjun’s Hat Work!


Some aspiring actors/actress out there easily accuse that star-kids get everything on the plate. And they say these stars take home crores with their simple acts. Really? Then you’ve to meet Stylish Star Allu Arjun once.

When the teaser of “Lover also Fighter also” song from “Naa Peru Surya” released other day, many thought that the hat-flying, drop off and other tricks might be a work of visual effects team. Some felt that Allu Arjun used some strings to control the hat and later they got it touched using computer graphics. But like Vakkantam Vamsi said, the hat work is not a handy job of visual effects.

To make sure how he achieved those hat wearing, flying and rotating tricks, Bunny revealed a video that showcases his practice sessions. He has worked for nearly two months to get the hat work to a perfection. Later they went to the USA for the shoot and almost all the hat shots are done in single takes.

Just for a five-minute song, this is the kind of dedication our star heroes show and the song of Allu Arjun speaks volumes to stand as a witness for that. And the song has impressed movie lovers big time, and now look forward to how masses get mesmerized to it from tomorrow.