Have You Noticed KGF Has This Telugu Legend As A Producer?!


KGF, a Kannada movie about Kolar Gold Fields aiming to become a pan India success with Yash as hero got huge positive response for the recently released teaser.

The Telugu teaser did have a Telugu legend name credited as the presenter. Kaikala Satyanarayana, the most revered and popular character actor of Telugu Cinema, after SV Ranga Rao, is presenting the film in Telugu.

Now, the actor after completing 40 years in the Industry as an actor decided to reduce the amount of work he does. He also said that he is not getting exciting offers that interests him.

He did get a lot of attention for his comments against Baahubali in one of his interviews.

He did produce few films in his hey days but never been a big producer and did not aim for huge box office hits too.

So, watching his name as a presenter that too for a Kannada Movie that is said to be made with the highest budget ever is a true surprise.

How did he get involved in the movie will only be revealed when the movie promotions starts. For now, we don’t want to speculate about his involvement in Prasanth Neel’s directorial that is releasing in 5 languages on 21st December.

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