Haven’t been approached for Baahubali 2: Shriya


ShriyaDoing promotional events with unmanageable crowds can be a daunting thought for actresses who have to deal with their fair share of gropers and overzealous fans, and starlet Shriya Saran feels no different. She gets talking about Baahubali 2, Chiranjeevi and Diwali plans with Kota Saumya.

The Midnight’s Children actress made a quick trip to the city for a promotional campaign of a cosmetic brand at a city mall. And it went well, much to her relief. “Actually it was quite nicely managed in Hyderabad and that’s saying something because I have been through some pretty horrid experiences. I even stopped tweeting about events now because it can get really really bad. Invariably one guy will come and pinch something, a hand goes somewhere.” admits Shriya who cuts a pretty figure in a white lace dress paired with funky silver loafers. The 33-year old was last seen in Drishyam, however refutes claims that she will be seen playing Rana’s wife in Baahubali 2.

“I would love to work with Rajamouli sir again. I have been a big fan of his work and thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with him. He is an institution. I have seen Baahubali two to three times and I know all the actors in the film so it will be like going back to a family. But I have not been offered any role though,” says Shriya who jokes about the kind of stories that seem to be made by the media. “I think we should all make a film on how reporters come up with these interesting stories about actors,” laughs Shriya. Talking about the increase in number of films with female protagonists, the actress is of the opinion that women-oriented films have been around, but it is only now that women are breaking stereotypes and doing the unexpected. “I feel women centric films have been around for a long time. It’s just the subjects that have changed, for instance, in Queen, you have a girl who is falling in love with herself.

Back in the day, you had Manthan or Mandi which was about strong and opposing women,” opines Shriya. The change she thinks is women opening up to playing more realistic roles. “There are interesting roles been written today. Women today are taking on different roles in society which is reflected in cinema. Women centric in my mind, is a film that may not necessarily be centered around a woman but will project women in a stronger mould.” feels Shriya who feels the rise in multiplexes has also opened up the scope for budget films catering to a niche audience. “I think it’s a really a good time in the industry to experiment with genres,” admits Shriya. As someone who is a self-confessed fan of musicals and broadways, she routinely takes time out to explore plays around the locations she is shooting in, unsurprisingly, that is one area she wants to explore.

“I want to do a theatre production someday. And maybe something around dance, I haven’t been able to explore that in my films,” shares Shriya who says though she hasn’t been approached by anyone, she would love to work with Chiranjeevi in his 150th film. “I would love to work with Chiranjeevi sir. It was a great experience working with him in Tagore. He is a professional actor and he taught me a lot. I feel very lucky to have worked with him so early in my career. It changed my outlook when you see such an accomplished famous star being so professional, so honest about what he is doing and you want to be like him and I drew a lot of my inspiration from him,” gushes the actress who is firm believer of Pond’s Day and Night Repairing creams.

“We live in a world where harsh sun, pollution, ozone layers are depleting, the water is really bad. One has to really take care of the facial skin, as its tender and softer, it needs a little more care than your body. In my profession, we use a lot of makeup, it’s really important to keep the skin cleansed,” advises Shriya who is strictly against bursting firecrackers during Diwali. “I say no to firecrackers, Diwali is about celebration, lights, good vanquishing evil, not about burning crackers and pollution. Bombay sky just looks so dark during that time. It’s very important we as actors, propagate a safe and clean diwali.”