He Finally Realised It


sunilfThere was a time when was terribly busy and also gave other comedians a run for their money. Then, came a time when he turned a hero. Things were fine till then. Then, he decided to sport a six-pack.

Now, that’s when trouble began for him. He started having trouble getting more films and now he is in a fix.

So, he is working on putting on weight and get back his lost territory say industry insiders. In the past, other actors like NTR had reduced weight and had to face flops. So is the case with Sunil. After realising the same, NTR then got back to his usual self.

Recently, Ravi Teja too lost a lot of weight and it resulted in he getting a flop in Kick2. Well, now, Sunil too realised his folly and is in the job of putting on weight. So the latest sentiment is about not going for drastic weight loss in the industry.