He Had To LIE Because Of Trivikram!


LIE-Because-Of-TrivikramYou must have observed Nithiin addressing Trivikram as Guruji in the ‘LIE’ audio function.  He has not just casually addressed Trivikram like that.. Nithiin is said to be really treating him as his Guru.  It is known that Nithiin’s last film ‘A Aa’ in the direction of Trivikram Srinivas turned out to be the biggest hit of his career.  Nithiin said to be taking Trivikram’s suggestions from then onwards.

It is known that Nithiin was in confusion about his next film after the release of ‘A Aa’. He was idle for nearly six months before finalising ‘LIE’.  When he was unable to take a decision about the next project, he said to have taken a suggestion from his Guruji and okayed ‘LIE’.

He said that “I was in confusion for six months after A Aa. I didn’t understand what kind a film I should do as my next.  I went to meet Trivikram garu at that time. I told him ‘You gave me a hit. But I’m unable to take a decision on my next film’.  He said that – you are doing soft love stories from ‘Ishq’.. so try something different’.  Hanu has narrated LIE story at that time.  I gave him the green signal for the film within half an hour.  I liked the story very much.  In fact, he made the story better after directing it.  This is going to be a special film in my career.”