He Is Just Show Piece, Kona Is Director?


Kona-Is-DirectorA newcomer Uday Nandanavanam is said to be directing hero Nikhil, whose film is titled “Shankarabharanam” and it is produced by none other than Kona Venkat. All these days everyone would have expected that Kona is giving chance to an youngster to become a director, but the newly launched promotional video proves something else.

A song that goes by the lyric ‘ding dong ding’ is launched today by hero Rana and it happens to be a song shot on a lady-don, played by Anjali in the movie. Kona himself has released a making-video for this song and it stunned everyone. Almost every actor in the film got their dialogues briefed by Kona Venkat only while we can’t figure out who’s the real director of the film. Going by the making video, it feels like Uday is just a show piece and Kona is the one who has really called the shots.

In fact, this Shankarabharanam happens to be a free-make of Bollywood movie ‘Pyaas Gaya re Obama’, though the makers never confirmed it. Anyway, let’s see who will claim as this film’s director in the end. Did you remember Maruthi’s “Prema Katha Chitram”? Initially another person’s name is imprinted as director but later Maruthi claimed that he’s the real director. Maybe Kona is heading same way.