He Saw The Negative Side of Kamal


Sarath-Kumar-Kamal-Haasan“Despite helping him during crucial situations, most recently during the Uttama Villain release controversy, he has no gratitude to show in return”, accused Senior hero Sarath Kumar. The famous Nadigar Sangam elections have turned into a big tiff with Sarath Kumar and Vishal locking horns with each other, leveling allegations and spitting venom.

In this process, veteran hero Kamal Haasan has given support to the panel headed by actor Nasser who has the support of Vishal and Karthi again. While Nasser will contest for President, Vishal and Karthi are contesting for General Secretary and Treasurer posts. Talking about this happening, Sarath Kumar said, “Kamal is there right from the start, creating rifts in Nadigar Sangam with his politics. I’ve personally worked very hard for him, to bring his films out of the issues, but he never kept that on mind”. That’s the biggest accusation Kamal Haasan would ever face being known as a man of calm and righteousness and charity.

On the flip side, MAA elections in Tollywood too saw such mud slinging by Rajendra Prasad and Jayasudha camps, however, our senior actress is out of scene after Rajendrudu’s win, but Murali Mohan (supporter of Jayasudha camp) and MAA President Rajendra Prasad are now going hand in hand. That’s the story after winning a game.