Head Master or Director!?


Head-Master-or-DirectorThere are certain directors who still follow pedagogic principles in making his cast, crew work. This kind of working style can do wonders when artists and technicians leave their egos to air and get themselves surrendered before their director.

Jaya Janaki Nayaka has a huge canvass of artists ranging from Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, Rakul Preet Singh, Jagapathi Babu to Sarath Kumar, Vani Vishwanath, Suman and others. Obviously managing such massive team senior artists would have been a challenge for director Boyapati Sreenu and Jagapathi Babu has a word to say on this.

‘We all artists used to stand every day in a queue before our director Boyapati who is in fact like our headmaster, to listen about scenes that are to be shot for the day. He used to explain us the content giving us day to day challenges,’ Jagapathi Babu said.

Jaya Janaki Nayaka is said to be one of the artist rich films ever made in recent times. The film is heading for a grand release on August 11.