Headache For Gopi Chand’s Producers


Macho Star Gopi Chand is one of the medium range heroes in the industry. Initially, he used to do small budget movies which at least succeeded to bring minimal profits for the buyers.

But, these days, Gopi Chand has been scoring debacles lately and even his recent outing, ‘Pantham’ movie made the buyers face massive losses. Now, Gopichand is going to do a movie under the direction of Tamil director Thiru. Anil Sunkara is bankrolling this project. Touted to be an action entertainer, the makers have reportedly invested 30 crores as the budget of the film. But because of the star casting, more working days and high octane action sequences, the movie budget is getting increased to 40 crores which is making Anil Sunkara sleepless.

Earlier, Anil faced so many losses under 14 reels banners with high budget movies. So has been doing small and medium budget movies lately. But as the budget is getting increased more than Gopi Chand’s market, he is extremely worried. We have to wait and see if Gopichand film can bring success to Anil Sunkara or not.

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