Heart, Skeleton And Blood Of Baahubali


Prabhas“If Rajamouli is heart and brain of Baahubali, producers are skeleton and fans are blood”, says Prabhas, who got excited that his magnum opus just finished 100-day run at Indian box office. Okay, what’s Prabhas then for the film?

Hunk hero Prabhas feels that Rajamouli deserves all the laurels for “Baahubali” success but the simplistic director gives credits to the whole team. “An actor is never bigger than the film’s success. I’m not bigger than Baahubali. It’s the whole team that worked tiresomely for years that spelled this victory. So, I don’t want to walk away with credits”, Prabhas adds.

Though Prabhas became a National Star with this film, he is too modest, saying “I got calls from Amitabh sir and Ranbir Kapoor and I’m happy. But there is long way to achieve to become a national star”. As the film gets ready to be screened on TV on October 24th in Hindi and Telugu, Prabhas says, he’s expecting the film to become blockbuster on television too.