Heated Arguments In MAA Meeting


Movie Artists Association (MAA) is in news for all the wrong reasons once again. An emergency Executive Meeting has been convened Today to discuss about the alleged misuse of funds by few Members.

If the reports in a section of media are true, MAA President Shivaji Raja and Former President Rajendra Prasad were involved in the diversion of funds meant for construction of Association Building & Financial Assistance to Artists in need of help. General Secretary Naresh collected required evidence to prove the fraud and Shivaji Raja might be ousted. Naresh had even locked the MAA Office.

During the Executive Meeting, There was a heated argument between Naresh and Rajendra Prasad over the misuse of funds. However, MAA Members declared the issue has been sorted out after the 4 hours long discussion. Shivaji Raja seems to have convinced Naresh that everything happened due to miscommunication. All the reports about the misuse of funds in media has been condemned by MAA.