Hebbah’s Affair To Promote A Buzz Less Movie


Hebah-patel-AngelIn Bollywood, there are times where ‘rumours’ are hugely written about one particular onscreen couple. And that’s an indication that a film of those two stars is releasing very soon. That’s an old school PR technique which looks like Tollywood has borrowed now.

Just a week before, when the film Andhagadu was to release, it’s hugely rumoured everywhere that both Raj Tarun and Hebbah Patel are seeing each other. Though the two claimed a good friendship, it’s written that they are bonding huge. And now, after the release of Andhagadu, a new rumour erupted in the pages of some daily newspapers.

It’s written that Hebbah Patel has started dating young hero Naga Anvesh, who is not much known to audiences. He debuted with some flop films and now waiting for the release of his film Angel where Hebbah is the main lead. Son of erstwhile producer Sindhoora Poovu Krishna Reddy, this youngster is not popular in film circles either, but now getting attention due to this affair rumour.

Isn’t this a silly technique being done by the PR team to bring attention to the buzz-less movie and its lead pair? Otherwise in what way one has to read this.