Here’s How Aspiring Heroines Get Lured Into Couch


Why would an aspiring heroine easily get trapped into the words of some agents and producers, and then slip into their couch? Why some girls easily fall for such people and get exploited? Comedian Harshavardhan has an answer.

Sharing his thoughts, this writer-director-actor stated that the kind of words that some crooks utter is what convinces few girls to agree for casting couch. They exchange sex for offers thinking that everyone does the same. Harshavardhan opines that these people hit on the mental mindset of a girl by giving some examples such that the girls get lured into bed.

He gives an example too: “The guy says Anushka is so close to him and became star heroine because of him. Later he calls Anushka and speaks to her sweetly- saying ‘Hey Sweety, how are you?’. In reality, he may be calling Anushka as a sister, but those who listened to this phone girl feels that this guy is really too close to Anushka in a bed relation. Listening to that, some girls get trapped. These exploiters also say Manchu Lakshmi is not becoming big heroine despite have immense acting talent because her father monitors her and she cannot move freely with heroes and producers. Immediately the listener thinks it is true. So one should be careful of such sweet talks”.

Explaining this, Harsha asks, “Why are girls losing their conscience and choosing such shortcuts to climb the ladder of success?. They should not believe such things or they should walk out the moment they are asked to sleep. Why lose your modesty and later cry?”.

In the wake of this actor also facing heat from Sri Reddy through indirect posts, he stated that he hasn’t flirted or chatted in a provocative way with the actress. “I’ve done such flirting with my girlfriends who are happily married and outside of the industry. But never done such things with this actress” he concludes.