Hero Nikhil finds fault with Gunasekhar


Nikhil-GunasekharPeople pointing fingers at ‘Bruce Lee’, which is releasing just a week after ‘Rudramadevi’, need to be aware of the fact that it’s the poor planning of Gunasekhar that created such a situation.

Young Hero Nikhil is brave enough to declare Gunesekhar has messed up with change in release date multiple times. Stating that he completely agrees with what Allu Arjun has spoken about Rudramadevi & Bruce Lee clash, The ‘Karthikeya’ Star questions who is at fault when release date of a film was changed for 6 to 7 times. He adds, ‘Several dates have gone wasted because of Rudramadevi changing its dates as they wish. Everyone leaves that date free when they announce. And again a new dates is announced. Small films have had to suffer because of these random date changes.”

Nikhil points out missing the release date could prove even more costly in Bollywood and one could get an another one only after 6 months.

Usually, Making of Historical/Fantasy/Mythological/Folklore films is time consuming as Visual Effects have a huge role to play. Using Technologies like 3D might delay the release by few more months. So, Makers need to be very cautious while announcing release dates.