Hero Ram and Writer Stepped On Fox Tail


ramHow much hard hero Ram and his writer Kona Venkat shout, “Pandaga Chesko” is a regular fare with routine story and tried-tested screenplay. But what saved these two from facing the full-face of critics is luck. Yes, it’s pure luck, which they might have inherited by stepping on a fox tail (nakka thoka).

Currently “Pandaga Chesko” is running at box office with steady collections. None of the films that released before this routine comedy held their nerve at box office giving such vacuum to Ram-Kona to mint bucks. Lakshmi’s “Dongata” and Balayya’s “Lion” are expected to score big but they haven’t impressed. That gave ample scope for Ram’s movie that released on last Friday of May. When everyone felt that this lucky run of Pandaga Chesko will be threatened by later Friday’s films like Singham 123 and Asura, those films haven’t lived up to expectations. That extended the life of this routine movie for another week.

Now that movies like Jyothi Lakshmi and Kerintha are arriving, in case if they click, surely Ram’s movie will be seeing some downfall in the collections graph. Else, his lucky run will continue at box office for another couple of weeks until biggies like Rudramadevi arrive. That’s the story.