Few heroine aspirants wants to have fun and sleep around!


Southern Siren Laxmi Raai aka Raai Laxmi is more popular for popular for her item numbers in Tollywood movies Khadi number 150 and Sardar Gabber Singh is in hibernation mode at lest for southern circuit.

Laxmi is currently pinning all her hopes on Bollywood project Julie 2, a woman centric film. She worked a lot for the movie and even lost weight to get get in to shape for the bikini body.

Talking to scribes, Laxmi revealed her struggles during the movie and struggles and an actress face in general including casting couch.

Here is what she says “Casting couch does exit and it is in every field.  To be honest, I haven’t faced any such issues, as my entry was smooth. Newcomers and actors who are struggling to get a break in this industry are often exploited by producers and filmmakers. Some of them are coming to this industry only to gamble, have fun and sleep around, and it is only because of them that there is negativity in the industry. What’s funny is, some people even approach well-known actors for this purpose, and they immediately talk about it openly on their social media. They even throw artistes out of the project, if they don’t agree to sleep with them”.

Julie 2 is a sequel to Julie( 2004) starred by Neha Dhupia. Julie 2 has been in shooting phase for more than Two years is slated to release in December 2017.lakshmi-Rai-Bikini