Heroine Exposing made mandatory in Tollywood


tollywoodNow- a- days Directors and the producers have made it mandatory for the Exposing and Skin shows of the Heroines and the Item girls. The exposing is one of the Commercial elemnt considered by the Production team. They feel that the Exposing scenes, Lip locks, Item Numbers etc eould help in increasing the Box office collections. The audience too are very eager for such scenes in the Movies.

In the recnt movies, there is no single movie without the exposing scenes of the Heroine.

The Movie Production team is making money with the weaknesses of the audience. The exposing of the Heroines is thereby earning them huge collections.

There of Number of Movies without a single exposing scene, which earned huge collections at the box office. For Example Bomarillu, Arya etc.

Some Producers/ Directors say that the exposing of the Heroines are kept in the Movie as the story demands.