Heroine Is Extremely Upset With Director


Director-and-Actress-in-DeeHe is a Tollywood director. His filmography consists of more flops than hits. He has delivered disasters to the top heroes as well.  He is producing films often. But he is said to have gone off-track as a producer as per the latest buzz from the Film Nagar.

There were reports in the past he struggled very hard to release his first film under his production.  He kept the movie on hold without release for more than a year at that time.. he said to have troubled the heroine without paying her remuneration.  But the movie became a hit after the release and heroine received her payment.  That’s the past incident.

The director is coming up with another film as a producer.  But he is said to be repeating the same by not paying the remuneration to the heroine.  She worked for nearly one and a half year on the project but she didn’t get her full remuneration.  Moreover, the movie has suffered several postponements. Finally, it is getting ready for release now.

The heroine is in confusion on how to deal with the director.. and she is extremely upset with him.  On the other hand, there is a talk in the industry that the content didn’t meet the expectations of the buyers, that’s the reason why it was postponed several times. We have to wait and see the result of the film at the box office.