Heroine Kajal spotted with baby bump!!


Before you guys start assuming, we will state it clear. This is latest update about Nene Raju Nene Mantri movie!

The film’s shooting is going on at a hospital in Banaganapalli in Kurnool district.

Kajal comes to hospital and Rana in doctor get up does scanning and tests on her!

Since Kajal was spotted with baby bump it maybe that she could be pregnant too.

Meanwhile we saw Rana as politician in the teaser. So what is doctor get up? What is this Nene Raju Nene Mantri plot about? Teja is successful in raising this curiosity among movie buffs.

Earlier we saw heroine posters too with indifferent captions; Nene Radha Nene Bharya; second one with ‘Kaadu Nene Rani Nene Bharya.

Surely if Teja’s script is good this will be a good film to watch!!Heroine Kajal spotted with baby bump