Heroine’s Disrespect Giving Sweat To Celebs


Amisha-PatelOne heroine has disrespected, and now the whole of cinema fraternity are feeling the heat. But the incident should really open eyes of many.

These days you might have noticed many big multiplex theatres are playing national anthem at the start of a movie. 80% of the crowds are standing and reciting the Anthem, but few don’t mind to relax in their seats and check their phones for messages and twitter updates. Disrespecting ‘Jana Gana Mana’ is a shame, while the insult will occur on oneself if someone shares about such people.

The other day when heroine Amisha Patel is busy texting on her phone when National Anthem is being played, another celeb from TV industry noticed it and tweeted it straight. That created huge ruckus on social circuits, with everyone demanding an apology from the aged siren.

Other celebs are sweating because if someone catches them not standing for National Anthem, then it could spin a trouble. Why such worries heroes and heroines? Do stand up with the Anthem is being played. End of the day, its our respect for our country!!!