Heroines and their publicity stunts


Samantha-CharmiHeroines are the main commercial aspects for a flick. Generally, film makers will use heroines to run the romantic episodes and the songs in the flick. Apart from this, few film makers give opportunity to the heroines to act in emotional and sentimental scenes. As beauty is the main aspect for a heroine, fresh models are more encourage than existing ones.

To keep up their position, heroines should do something to hit the headlines every now and then. Few heroines knows these tactics while few others fade out from the zone due to lack of marketing skills. Samantha’s publicity stunt is under focus in Tollywood. She stated that she has a boy friend but she didn’t reveal his name. This made spectators feel curious about her and when ever a hero moves close to her, they are suspecting him.

In this way, Samantha is in talk all the time. Few other heroines too tried this concept. One more beauty who is getting popularity in Tollywood in case of publicity stunts in Charmi. This beauty lost few pounds of weight and she is putting one pic of her new avatar in twitter every day. This too is making Charmi hit the headlines everyday. These publicity stunts of the heroines are expected to make their market evergreen in film arena.