Hero’s Wife Gives Money To Man For Raping Another Heroine


Kavya-MadhavanIn the infamous case of the abduction and sexual assault case of Malayalam actress, main accused Pulsar Suni has revealed that Malayalam star Dileep Madhavan’s wife Kavya has given him money to kidnap and sexually assault the popular woman actor.

The actress was raped by former driver Pulsar Suni in a moving car with the help of another person in February earlier this year.

Pulsar Suni claimed before the investigating authorities that the ‘madam’ he was referring to was Kavya Madhavan.

Days after Kavya denied knowing Pulsar Suni, the main accused said she knew him very well. This raised several doubts over the sensational case. Kavya was also questioned along with her mother last month. The investigating team also carried out a raid on Kavya’s boutique – ‘Lakshya’ in July as part of the investigation.

The videos and pictures of Malayalam actress, that were shot during the time of sexual assault, were stored in the Kavya’s boutique, claimed Suni. There is a speculation that Suni was given Rs 2 lakh by some unidentified person to carry out the crime.