High Court Warns DJ!


DJ-Duvvada-JagannadhamDj Duvvada Jagannadham that released last Friday is having a steady run at Box Office despite poor talk and reviews. Irrespective of commercial performance, it is also enjoying free publicity in the form of controversies and legal cases.

Recently a High Court division bench expressed concerns questioning the producers on why is Dj being publicized in market when watching such type of movies is not at all healthy for society!!!

Bench also made a warning note that a report will be sought on what’s happening with Dj in market and pushed the next hearing to next week.

Basically, the petitioner questioned on usage of words like Namakam and Chamakam from Yajurveda in one of the Dj song are hurting the sentiments of Brahmins and Hindus. Using such sacred words in a derogatory manner is considered to be an attack on Hindu community.

Though these words have been removed from song, same lyrics are widely circulated in YouTube videos released earlier.

Meanwhile, Allu Arjun and Dj team is in US busy promoting the movie.