His Ordinary Stuff Is Not Helping the Films


In recent times, many talented music composers failed to come up with tunes that could excite the audiences. Surprisingly we have almost all the films with mediocre music for this Sankranthi.

Whether it is MM Keeravani’s songs for NTR, Devi Sri Prasad’s music for #VVR and F2, or Anirudh’s music for Petta, almost all these four films have only disappointing music. Especially the talk is about Devi Sri Prasad, who generally gives a thumping background score to lift the film to a new level.

Unanimous talk is that Devi’s music for Vinaya Vidheya Rama and F2 is purely middling. Neither a single scene in VVR gave goosebumps, courtesy lack of proper BGM even in scenes that are worth giving. In F2 as well, both songs and background score failed to add any pep at all to the narrative.

Many of his tunes from other recent films too sound like they were lifted from his own tunes with a deja Vu feeling or totally ordinary. His ordinary music is not helping any movie to survive these days. If DSP continues with such a pathetic form, no doubt he will end up like those talented composers who have lost big time in Tollywood.

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