Honest Sweety, How Can You Survive?


Anushka-Shetty(2)Fondly called Sweety at home and by her colleagues and fans in Tollywood, Anushka has come a long way since her debut in 2005. The former Yoga trainer, after delivering back-to-back blockbusters, became the reigning Queen of Tollywood and in Kollywood. Anushka, in a recent interview, revealed so many interesting details about her personal and professional worlds.

When she was asked how she manages her finances, Anushka replied saying that she doesn’t believe in troubling her producers regarding remuneration and that she values relationships than money. Sweety further said that she has been lucky that she worked with honest people in her career, who never cheated her, except in a couple of rare cases.

And to one of the questions about her positives, Anushka replied saying that she cannot see people close to her suffer and that she occasionally helps them in several ways. Anushka also revealed that she has developed a special bond with her staff over the years and even support them occasionally.

Well, soon after listening to this, the interviewer exclaimed how can a person like her survive in Tollywood. No doubt that many others would feel the same. They don’t call her Sweety for nothing!