Hope it’s not homicide, suicide: Taslima Nasrin slammed for views on Sridevi death


Fans of cinema across the country and even in other parts of the world have been in shock after hearing the news of veteran actress Sridevi’s passing in Dubai on Saturday

Stories and mysteries surrounding the cause of death and the exact sequence have only heightened the grief that actress’ fans are grappling with.

After initial reports of Sridevi dying of a cardiac arrest in her hotel room, later stories emerged that she was found dead in a bathtub full of water.

Bangladeshi author and social activist Taslima Nasrin sensed amiss about the reports and tweeted that she hoped ‘it’s not homicide or suicide’ in the morning.

taslima nasreen✔@taslimanasreen
Sridevi’s body was found in a bathtub full of water. Hope it is not homicide or suicide.

Twitteratti didn’t take kindly to her views and slammed her for being a ‘negative thinker’, ‘trouble maker’ and asked her stop spreading conspiracy theories and some who even trolled her.

And as the cause of death went from cardiac arrest to ‘accidental drowning’ following a forensic report in the evening, Taslima seemed convinced about her earlier theory and wrote how it wasn’t possible for healthy adults to drown in bathtubs ‘accidentally.’

taslima nasreen✔@taslimanasreen
Healthy adults don’t drown in bathtubs accidentally.

This time also she was slammed, but there were several who believed in her theory.

The repatriation formalities are still underway and as of now there is no update of when the actress’ mortal remains will return to the country.