Hot Anchor Wants To Insure Her Thighs


Skin Show has been the best weapon of Rashmi Gautam to grab offers. She have no qualms sharing screen space with even debutante heroes and doing intimate scenes. Particularly, The thunder thighs of the Anchor on the posters of ‘Anthaku Minchi’ drew everyone’s attention. Even ‘RX 100’ Director didn’t hesitate to say how much he liked the skin show of Rashmi in the beach backdrop.

And now, Rashmi expressed her wish to insure her Thighs. Though she made that comment jokingly, Many of her fans have been of the opinion that there is nothing wrong about safeguarding one’s assets.

A lot of Hollywood Actors insure their body parts for an unbelievable price. Indian Actors are yet to get used to this trend. May be, Rashmi could begin it in the Telugu Film Industry.

After ‘Guntur Talkies’, Rashmi had hardly created impact with any of the movies. She pinned lot of hopes on ‘Anthaku Minchi’ after her thigh show became popular.