Hot Buzz: Ex Lovers in Bigg Boss


Bigg-BossThe former love birds of Tollywood featuring in Bigg Boss Telugu show is now the hot topic in industry circuits. Although not many are aware of the couple’s love story, it is buzzed that both were in a relationship for quite sometime before parting their ways. Apparently, gossip mongers have it that the couple had a great bond until the guy decided to break the bond for his impending wedding.

While the guy is limited to a side actor in a couple of youth films, the actress has been featured in a big film with two top stars. Besides that, she doesn’t have any claim to fame. Since the actress made it to Bigg Boss, rumours have it that the male actor could be behind her entry. Now this is giving rise to speculations that both seem to have continued their bond despite after his marriage.

It needs to be seen how the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss Telugu are going to be given that the former love birds are in the show. Even if her closeness with other contestants may not go well with the male actor. It is buzzed that the ogranisers of the show are very much aware of their bond and said to have roped in both deliberately to add more spice into the ongoing episodes.