Hot Couple Walks In All White and White


Every year, our Indian actresses grace the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival draped in trendy outfits and also pose for glamorous photoshoots. Even Priyanka Chopra is also one of the actresses who visits the festival almost every year. But this time, she made it more special by attending with her husband, Nick Jonas.

The couple has been walking on the red carpet from last few days, sporting some complementing outfits and sending major couple goals to the people across the world. The other day, they were seen in complete white coloured dresses. While Priyanka wore a white gown, Nick was suited up in all white and white.

He walked alongside PeeCee, holding an umbrella, which made the moment more special. later, the actress also posted a picture of themselves kissing in the same outfit. On the whole, both Nick and Priyanka are leaving no stone unturned to display their love in public.

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