How Allu Family Target 25 Crs Remuneration?


Allu-Arjun-puts-full-stop-tAmong the big producers we have, Allu Arvind has impeccable track record of investing his paisas wisely. Whenever he makes a big budgeted flick, he makes sure that the content, budget and return doesn’t go haywire. His latest idea of producing Bunny’s movie is being dubbed as another such strategic move.

Did Arvind took a clue from star Bollywood heroes like Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar and emulating their style for his son? Seems yes. Success of Race Gurram and S/o Satyamurthy have pushed Allu Arjun into a big league and producers are queueing up to make movies with him. Keeping all of them in the waiting, Bunny is working on his own banner Geetha Arts with dad Arvind. We hear that this is a clear strategy of getting more money out of the investment.

In Bollywood, big heroes don’t collect pay checks from their producers but they produce their movies themselves. With so much confidence in the subject, heroes like Shahrukh are spending nearly 40-50 crores on their films themselves, and in turn earning 150+ crores on each movie. If Bunny and his dad too invest 30-40 crores around their project and make a fantabulous film, then 20-25 crores will fall in profits. Should we now say that Arvind is making sure that his son gets 25 crores in return from the film rather taking just 10 crores remuneration and working?

Insiders say that Arvind has all reasons from now onwards to make movies with Bunny. Probably other big heroes might follow the same suit. But there are cons of this side too. If a film fails, then hero’s hard earned investment will be in trouble.