How Can Fans Decide Niharika’s Film Career?


Niharika-Film-CareerHandsome Mega hero Varun Tej’s second film, Kanche, is just a day away from its release. Varun is doing all that he can to promote the film. In a latest interview to a popular English news paper, Varun was asked about his sister Niharika’s entry to films and a section of Mega fans objecting to her decision. Varun Tej gave a double-edged reply.

Varun said that Niharika’s career choice was not an overnight decision and that it was discussed in the family several times. In fact, Niharika first told about her wish to enter films to Peddananna (Chiranjeevi), who told her to ‘go ahead’. “Our family fully supports Niharika’s decision,” said Varun, who, as a brother, is quite supportive of Niharika’s choice.

Talking about fans’ reaction, Varun said that fans are like family. “How can fans decide a person’s career in a family?,” asks Varun. “Fans are our backbone and we respect them. And at the same time, a film career is not a bad profession,” asserted Varun. The Kanche hero also revealed Nagababu’s promise to angry fans as when he said that “Niharika will not hurt fans’ feelings”.