How Much Is Krish Associated With Manikarnika?


How-Much-Is-Krish-Associated--With-ManikarnikaKrish after Gautamiputra Satakarni got two huge film offers, one is Manikarnika with Kangana Ranaut and another is NTR biopic with Balakrishna. He shot Manikarnika completely and then joined NTR.

But as he was unable to concentrate on both he had to quit from one film. He decided to not handle patch work and changes in scenes of Manikarnika and Kangana took over the reins from him. Due to the changes, two actors, Sonu Sood and Swathi Semwal quit the movie.

They have been re-cast and those scenes are being directed by Kangana. In the teaser released on October 2nd, Krish got the credit of being the director and Kangana did not take the credit for it.

While the producers said they will re-shoot at least 40% of the film, many thought Krish might not get full credit but he did. Kangana though seems to have taken a back seat because of the negativity she is facing from all the corners.

But how much Krish is still associated with the movie is a big question? Is he guiding Kangana? Will he watch the final cut? And will he any say, further? We think, No, as the director just shared the link and did not show his usual excitement about the movie teaser release. Let’s wait and watch.

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