How Nela Ticket Producer Close To Profits


What is buzzing in trade circles and what is coming from the producer’s close quarters is quite contrasting when it comes to Mass Raja’s latest film “Nela Ticket”. Though the film is set for May 24th release, the theatrical rights business unfinished, here comes a shocker.

Producer Ram Talluri is said to be betting big on Nela Ticket right from the beginning. And he has wrapped the whole movie under 30 crores budget including that of paying whopping 10 crores to Mass Raja. That said, he has already sold the film’s satellite, dubbing and digital rights for 24 crores to a third party. That means, already a massive investment is recovered by these deals and producer needs only nominal amounts to get profits.

With his last film, a flop of epic proportions, “Touch Chesi Choodu” theatrical rights sold almost for 25 crores, right now the producer is expecting that Nela Ticket will make at least 20 crores in terms of rights. Though they are demanding more than 25 for now, in the end, they sell for 20 crores only. But that pushes the producer into almost 15 crores profit, isn’t it?

As Telugu films are making most in North India these days, many big digital and satellite buyers are investing hugely in Telugu movies. That’s the reason Raviteja’s films are fetching 20+ crores through satellite rights and that’s why Mass Raja is demanding such huge remuneration as well.