How Pratyusha Became An Actress?


Actress Pratyusha’s Mother Sarojini Devi shared many unknown facts about her Daughter in her recent interview.

Not many knew that Pratyusha wished to become an Air Hostess. This is why she has done Hotel Management course. At the time of exams, She received an offer from Tamil Filmmaker Bharathiraja after the lead actress in his movie walked out of the project. That’s when Sarojini Devi encouraged her to grab the opportunity with an assurance that she can write exams in September.

Pratyusha received Rs 75,000 as remuneration for her debut flick. She was thrilled upon getting the pay package for the movie ‘Rayudu’. She bought TV, Tape Recorder and Sofa Set with that money. She assured to her Mother about changing their lives just alike how it would if her Father was alive. Altogether, 22 films have been done by her in a span of four years.

Sarojini Devi offers Three Suggestions to Women: 1) Stand on your feet instead of depending on family members as that gives you the confidence to face hardships, 2) Learn self-defense skills to protect yourselves, 3) Don’t trust anyone blindly.