How trisha maintains her shape?


TrishaTrisha is currently 33 years old. The dusky actress was likely to get married early this year. But the wedding was called off. And she started to focus on her career once again. The actress is right now busy with lots of movies.

Trisha is right now shooting for ‘Aranmanai 2’ and ‘Nayaki’. Both the movies are at various stages of shooting. Yesterday the actress shocked everyone by posting, “Back 2 my 1st love”.  This news surprised everyone. However she calmed everyone by using hashtags

She included the following hashtags, “#sunsetswim #waterbaby #favexcersise #50laps #wastrainedbythebest #mukundansir #memories #fitbit #motivated”. She posted a photo of herself in swimming pool.

Later we hear from bankable sources that Trisha loves to go swimming a lot. As she was busy with prior commitments she left swimming for few days. Now she is back to swimming and that is why she has posted such a status. No wonder Trisha maintains her shape even at this age.