Hrithik Roshan accepts Angela Krislinzki’s ‘graceful’ apology


Hrithik-Roshan-accepts-AngelA couple of minutes ago, we told you how Angela Krislinzki apologised for whatever she said in the DNA interview about Hrithik Roshan. Although she has been glorious with her praise for the actor and how he advised her about her career, Hrithik didn’t find it amusing for some reason. He took to Twitter saying, ‘Who are you.’ That prompted the lady to tender an apology immediately. We were wondering if Hrithik would react to it or not and now we know. The Kaabil actor responded to the apology and called it graceful.

Angela, in her apology letter, had written, “I respect you a lot sir and I am sorry for such misleading headlines. Its hurtful. I have admired you as an actor just like millions others but I Have been fortunate enough to work with you on two TVCs…when I say mentor I meant some who inspired my life in right direction…” She then went on to explain how the whole thing happened and what she actually meant by her ‘mentor’ comment. Hrtihik acknowledged the apology and said,
Angela Krislinzki @angelakrislinzk

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