Hrithik Roshan tweet shock to Puri heroine!


Angela-KrislinzkiAngela Krislinzki recently debuted to Telugu film industry with Puri Jagannadh directorial ‘Rogue’.  It is known that she is a product of ‘Puri Connects’ company. In fact, she got an opporunity in ‘Rogue’ through Puri Connects.  Angela has given an interview to a media house recently, in which she said that Hrithik is a good friend of him and he is her mentor.

As the interview given to Mumbai based popular magazine DNA,  Hrithik came to know about it. As soon as Hrithik read about the interview,  he shocked Angela with a tweet.  He tweeted that “My dear lady.. Who are you and why are you lying ?”  He did not stop at that.  He has also posted the interview page of DNA.

Ever since Hrithik tweeted about this, everybody got to know the fact that Angela is lying about Hrithik.  Even Hrithik appears to have not taken it in a casual way.  He might be excercizing a cautious approach after the Kangana Ranaut episode.  Whatever be the case.. It will be surely embarassing for Angela with Hrithik’s tweet.. eventhough it appears to be extremely polite.  Angela didn’t get the success with ‘Rogue’.. on top of it.. she has got a tweet shock from Hrithik. Hrithik-tweet-shock-to-Puri-heroine-