Hudhud left 2+ Crore Loss For Suresh Babu


Suresh-BabuAce producer Suresh Babu is known for his meticulous planning when it comes to business and he knows how to invest money carefully such that losses will be either none or minimal. Still, he has to face around 2 crores loss and the loss continues on a daily basis.

Catastrophic Hudhud has hit Vizag badly that the natural beauty of the scenic city lost its sheen. And the famous Ramanaidu Studios near RK Beach isn’t any exception from nature’s fury. Owned by iconic Ramanaidu and operated by his elder son Suresh Babu, the studio got shattered as most things are broken. Materialistic loss at the studio is finally expected to be 2 crores as Suresh Babu visited the place for umpteen times including on the other day post Hudhud.

“We have lost around 2 crore worth property, while daily earnings are dead as there are no shootings going on. So, the loss still continues until we rebuild the studio and also Vizag”, says Suresh, who is confident that the city will revive soon into a lush green ornament in next few weeks.