I Couldn’t Make Baahubali As I Wanted: Rajamouli


Rajamouli-BaahubaliBaahubali is perhaps the only film’s name that the whole India has been chanting for the last couple of weeks ever since the teaser release. The film is releasing on 10th July and Baahubali team is promoting aggressively in north and even in Tamil. Yesterday, Rajamouli gave interviews to almost all the leading media houses in Telugu.

Speaking about the film’s final output, Rajamouli said that he could not make the film the way he wanted it and that no director can ever make the final film just as he visualized it since imagination has no bounds and there are numerous limitations while executing the ideas. However, Rajamouli said that he tried to get as close as possible to what he set out to achieve 3 years ago.

Speaking about the genesis of Baahubali, Jakkanna said that his father and story writer Vijayendra Prasad first narrated him the character sketch of Sivagami and that it hooked him to explore more. The star writer then etched out Bhallala Deva and then Kattappa, all the roles that took Rajamouli’s fancy and made him excited to develop these characters amidst a fully blown out script and got the entire script ready within just two and a half months.

Rajamouli also spoke about his future projects and said that he has no story in his mind at the moment and that he will only think about the next film once Baahubali’s second part releases. Jakkanna also hinted about a possible film with Bollywood star Aamir Khan, who showed keen interest in making the Indian epic Mahabharata, which Rajamouli says is his dream project.