I Don’t Care About Those Sentiments: Koratala Siva


Koratala-SivaDirector Koratala Siva has confirmed that he isn’t moved by any sentiments when it comes to his films. Because there is no such thing greater than content he believes. As the release date of ‘Srimanthudu’ is inching in, he shared his feelings about the negative rumours spread around him.

Tollywood widely believes that there is this curse on the second film of filmmakers. Many star directors Puri Jagan, Sukumar have delivered duds with their second flicks while others like Boyapati managed to deliver an average grosser. Now that Koratala Siva has delivered Mirchi already and he’s waiting for his second release, people are eagerly looking if any such curse will eat him away.

Talking about this, Koratala Siva said, ‘I’m not worried about these sentiments as I believe in the content of my film. Srimanthudu has come out really well. It’s a heart touching point that is narrated in a commercial format’. There are the likes of directors like Vinayak and Rajamouli whose second films are also blockbusters. Wish, Koratala joins that league on August 7th.