I Have Evidence in My Brain: Sri Reddy


Whoever Sri Reddy accused of sexually exploiting her have been getting ready to proceed legally. Even the court seeks evidence to sentence any accused to prison.

When quizzed if she have the evidence to prove her allegations, Sri Reddy replied: ‘That’s why, I did mention few names but gave enough hints to people for making them understand who they are just because of lack of evidence. These days, Courts have been punishing the accused who committed rapes even two decades ago. When 100 Women complain against a Producer, 95 of them mayn’t have evidence and only 5 victims could prove the charges. In such cases, Courts had taken even the complaints from 95 women into consideration. What ever allegations I made, I have evidence in my brain…I have a good memory, can explain what happened on a particular day in detail. Several Junior Artists have been appealing Me to continue the fight for justice’.

Sri Reddy made allegations against some of the Film Personalities with a clean image. To make people believe what she said, There should be concrete evidence. If the Film Celebs who dragged Sri Reddy to court obtain clean chit, Then there is chance of people assuming the allegations could be false. These are the two points Sri Reddy needs to keep in mind.