I have no comments for idiots: Swara Bhaskar


Swara Bhaskar continues to invite criticism. But, be it comments on her masturbation scene in Veere Di Wedding, or remarks on the contradictory views expressed by her regarding Pakistan, the feisty actress is taking them on the chin.

Addressing the latest tirade of hate to come her way, Swara says, “I have no comments for people who are petty, hypocritical, or those who slut-shame. I also have no comments for idiots. I am currently ignoring these people and feeling very happy, like the rest of the Veere Di Wedding team, about the success of the film. A lot of people are sticking up for me on social media, and I sincerely want to thank all of them for their support.”

A lot of the tweets regarding her depiction of self-pleasure are suspiciously similar, and the actress attributes them to paid trolls. “I have been targeted by paid trolls in the past and I’m used to it. Many twitter-users and some prominent comedians have turned the ‘I took my grandmother to watch VDW’ line into funny satirical comments. I’m grateful both for their support and their humour,” she says.

People have also been calling her out for expressing contradictory opinions regarding Pakistan in two separate interviews.

Talking about her oops moment, Swara clarifies, “I believe there should be a distinction between the states/governments of countries and their civilian populations. My regard for and goodwill towards the people of Pakistan remains unchanged. Some of my closest friends are Pakistani. Lahore remains one of my soul cities.”

Having experienced more than her share of ups and downs on social media over the years, the actress believes that its time people start standing up to online haters and trolls. “I believe that social media is a virtual public place, like a restaurant, park or cinema hall. Just as we expect certain behaviour in public, we must insist on decency and decorum on social media. If we saw someone being abused, slammed, or slut-shamed in a public place, wouldn’t we stand up and defend the person being attacked? Likewise, we must stand up and protect people on social media from indecent, uncivilized attacks. I engage in debates and arguments with trolls so that that precious public space isn’t taken over by bullies and perverts,” she says.

Meanwhile, Swara is rejoicing in the success of her latest release. “The box office numbers do not surprise me. I had a gut feeling that the film would work, but the opening-day figures surprised me. I thought we’d have Rs 6-crore opening on a good day. I think we have cracked the glass ceiling and busted the myth that women-centric films don’t have big openings,” she says.