I kiss Shah Rukh Khan everyday, says Deepika Padukone


shahrukh-khan-deepikaShah Rukh Khan has nothing to prove as an actor and he is completely aware of it. Quick with quirky one-liners and self-effacing jokes, SRK on his recent trip to the city to promote Rohit Shetty’s ‘Chennai Express’ showed his fans he has more playfulness and mischief in him than people half his age. At 47, he has been defying health warnings and putting in long hours at work. Despite the nonstop grind, it isn’t tough for King Khan to keep his energy levels high, spirits up and his fans in splits! Read on to know why those who dropped in at Ambience Mall in Gurgaon on Sunday will mark July 4 as the luckiest day of the year.

I love you too, darling: Just when Shah Rukh Khan reached the venue, after over an hour-long wait, he greeted his fans, blew kisses, waved at his admirers and recalled the good old days he spent in the city. “Thank you for having me here. It is always wonderful to be back to this city. There are so many memories to cherish ,” he said. While he was addressing the crowd, one of his female admirers, who cheered and chanted his name, couldn’t
contain her excitement and shouted, ‘I love you, Shah Rukh’. Agreed, there is nothing new in it, but what wowed everyone was SRK’s instant reply, “I love you too, darling. I will come to you soon.”

Deepika is the most beautiful person in the world: SRK’s charm, wit and chivalry is never an act. What one sees with Shah Rukh Khan is what one gets. King Khan, who has teamed up with Rohit Shetty for the first time thanked the director for asking him to be a part of the project. “I really thank Rohit Shetty for directing ‘Chennai Express’ and for making Deepika and me look oh-so-good in the film. According to me, Deepika is the most
beautiful person in the world. She doesn’t leave home without me and her bakwaas dictionary.”

I kiss Shah Rukh Khan every day: Giving gifts might be a daunting task for many, but Shah Rukh Khan is an exception to the rule. He uses them as a part of human interface, to define bonds and cement the relationship he shares with his co-stars. So when the star presented a soft toy to Deepika during the promotional activity of ‘Chennai Express’, we weren’t surprised. And to ensure King Khan’s affection for his co-star didn’t go unrequited,
the actress was also asked to give the star a return gift. Even before Deepika could think of an interesting option, a fan suggested, “Give him a kiss, na.” Startled Deepika instantly replied

That I give him every day. When you’ll watch my film, you’ll see me gifting him my bakwas dictionary. But that happens in reel life. In reality, I think, he has everything. So all that I can give him is just love and happiness.”Whether it is the undying allegiance from his admirers who pack each venue he visits, or the respect he continues to command from his co-stars, King Khan will enjoy unparalleled popularity for decades.

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