I Slept With Producer’s Son, As I Need Offers


At least National Media TV anchors have shown some sort of balance and rationalism when it comes to believing whatever Sri Reddy says. But other day when this struggling actress spoke to CNN News 18, interestingly some questions that are filled with logic and rationale are thrown at her.

Well, Sri Reddy openly stated that producer Suresh Babu’s son used her badly at the studio premises itself but didn’t give any opportunities. The news anchor asked, “In that case, you have an option to say NO. Did they force you? Why didn’t you said a NO?”. Stunned by the question, which the Telugu media never asked her, Sri Reddy revealed a fact.

“I’m here to become an actress at any cost. I want to become a top starlet and that is my goal. So to achieve it, I wanted to do it. I slept with the producer’s son as I need an offer. But even after using me, they didn’t offer any role” she said.

According to industry grapevine, Sri Reddy herself is said to have offered this ‘offer’ to lure the biggies into giving her roles in their movie. And even though she is given many offers, she declined them all, saying that she wants to get into shoes of heroine only. On other side, using a girl on the bed for the sake of giving her offers is a terrible thing. Both the parties will face consequences now!!