I Was Advised To Get Boob Job Done: Deepika


Deepika Padukone is the top heroine in Bollywood with continuous hits under her belt. It is known that Deepika debuted into Bollywood with a big star like Shah Rukh Khan. As the movie became a hit, she got recognition within no time. Deepika recently revealed a shocking experience saying that she too had her share of bitter experiences in the initial days of her career in Bollywood.

She said, “I was trying for the offers in the initial days of my career. I got many suggestions on a certain aspect. I was advised to get the boob job(Breast implant surgery to increase size) done to catch the attention of producers.. directors and to impress them. It may be a short route to get the offers. But I’m not of that type. I believed in my confidence ever since I came out of my house to become a heroine at the age of 17.”

Discussions are going on in Tollywood regarding the abuses and casting couch. Deepika clarified that Bollywood is not an exception. Usually, many people go through bitter experiences but they do not openly reveal about their experiences out of some fear. We have to appreciate the guts of Deepika in this matter because she is a daring girl.