I Won But Nobody Called Me: Kaushal


Kaushal Manda admitted none of his fellow contestants of Bigg Boss 2 called him at least once after he won the title. When quizzed if there is nothing negative about him when so many people are opposing, He replied: ‘I received 40 crore votes, the highest for any contestant in the history of Bigg Boss’.

On the trolls against those who oppose him, The Model-cum-Artiste told, ‘Anybody who trolls Kaushal doesn’t belong to Kaushal Army. Even my wife was trolled in the second week’.

Asked him about the contestant whom he disliked the most, Kaushal named it’s Tanish because he was the one who threatened to settle scores with him after stepping out of Bigg Boss House.

To the question if he had set the trap for all the contestants, Kaushal claimed he didn’t lay any trap but they fell into the pit by committing mistakes.

Kaushal’s Wife revealed Her Husband revealed everything about his past love affairs at the time of marriage.

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