‘I worked hard for this hot body’ :Parineeti Chopra


Losing more than 15 kilograms now, dusky tigress Priyanka Chopra’s sister Parineeti is flaunting a surprisingly curvaceous body. Featuring on the latest issue of Woman’s Health, she explains what went into getting this hot look and how does those diet and gym schedules affected her mentally, though they did well.

As we could trace her protruding assets from the side-pose, Parineet flashes every curve effortlessly in that blue-dress, a single piece halter top. When comments started pouring for her hot look, she says, “Thank you everyone. But I worked really hard to get this hot figure. Those smiles have the backing of sweating hard work”. Anyway, that hotness steams out all the sweat, isn’t it?Parineeti Chopra Losing 15 kilos