I’Can Earn This Remuneration In Single Night


Hot-Anchor-to-Go-for-CosmetA 5D digital camera. Fully glowing lights. Nearly 15 people on the sets. A director is explaining some poses and expressions to his hero and heroine. This is for the poster designs and a couple of graphic design guys are also sharing their ideas.

As the shooting is progressing, this aspiring heroine is little upset already, with the crew is not giving her some five-star respect.

As time struck 3 pm in the afternoon, this hot lady who is shooting since 7 am is worried as to when she will be given a lunch break. Some directors work hard, so hard that they forget time and focus only on work.

“Sir, I need a break. Feeling tired. Want to have something from Subway”, she said, requesting the director for a break.

Not caring for her words, the director replied, “Yes, we’ll all take a break. I’ve given the last dress change for you, get dressed fast, we’ll take a shot and then eat lunch”.

Further disappointed by the director’s hard like rock attitude, she remarked, “Are we making some Titanic here? Can’t we do it post lunch?”

Cutting her midway, the director commented, “You’ve charged from the producer know, no one is doing this for free!!!”

Then came an unexpected and most shocking ever reply from the hot girl. “This remuneration is equal to just one night’s payment I receive. I’m not building villas with this payment” she replied back. “Pchh” she gasped, with a tongue in the cheek.

But then she realised, she has revealed something the unit never thinks about her that way. Immediately the director shouted, “B R E A K”.

But what is that night’s payment that is getting her more money than films? That’s the doubt lingering in the minds of all the people present on the set. Sometimes, the reality is tough to accept and people working on this upcoming film are still in that shock only, a source revealed.