If I Open Up, Your Arrogance Will Go Down: Renu


Renu Desai quit Twitter days after hinting she is going to marry again because of trolls but she wasn’t even spared on Instagram now. Upon losing her patience, She gave a strong reply: ‘Thank me forever as Kalyan garus fans, for me keeping silent on the topic of divorce for so many years! If I open my mouth and just state the facts of my divorce all this stupid arrogance of yours will go down the drain!’.

The Former Actress questioned why are the trolls behind her when she hasn’t done anything wrong. ‘Never did I used the term ‘Fans’ or ‘Pawan Kalyan Fans’ in my posts. I have always described my haters as detractors. How could I be held responsible for the misinterpretation by the media? I am targeted by trolls since the past five years. Not just males, even females are involved,’ she said.

Renu informed her PR has consulted a Psychiatrist because of the countless malicious messages she has been reading. Well-wishers advise her to ignore hate messages, but sometimes she wasn’t in a position to do so.