If Not Mahesh, Nijam Would Be Blockbuster


Mahesh-babu-and-teja“Had I made Nijam with any other actor other than Mahesh Babu, the film would have become a blockbuster”, avers director Teja, about the film that won Mahesh Babu a Nandi award for a clinical performance. Is Teja making any sense? Let’s see in what sense he made those comments.

“Actually we’ve started Nijam after the failure of Bobby. I’ve expected that Bobby’s failure will help people watch Mahesh from a new angle in my flick. But suddenly Okkadu released and it become a huge blockbuster before making Mahesh a huge mass-star. So, when Nijam released, fans are not able to digest when a mother teaches her kid (Mahesh) about attacks and murders. If I’ve made it with someone like Nitin or Uday Kiran, it would have become blockbuster”, claims Teja.

Maybe he’s right in a dimension, but the routine vendetta drama of the film’s second half haven’t impressed critics and audiences big time. Teja shouldn’t forget that fact.

On the flip side, most of Mahesh Babu’s average and flop movies like Athadu and Khaleja have attained a cult-classic status on TVs over a period of time, but Nijam failed to succeed even in that aspect.